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  • Centralized Ledger
  • Revenue Charting
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Journey Conversion Rate Analysis


$25 / User / Month

  • Automatic Recurring Revenue Calculation
  • Automatic Journey Tracking
  • Automated Sales Processes Best Practices
  • Centralized Ledger
  • Revenue Charting
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Journey Conversion Rate Analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are users counted?

We count the number of users in your salesforce instance who currently have a full license. Chatter users and deactivated users do not count towards your number of Board Metrics licenses.

How do I set up manual tracking?

Setting up manual tracking requires creating custom triggers in Apex. If you are a current Premium user, and you need to add triggers to custom objects, or other entities not covered in the GUI configuration, please contact us.

Can I stop my subscription or change plans at any time?

Yes, please contact us if you wish to change plans.

Who is Board Metrics right for?

Board Metrics is best for SaaS teams who are using Salesforce.

If we leave Board Metrics, what happens to our data schema?

We don't believe in vendor lockin or creating artificially high switching costs. The data schema will remain--and you'll still be able to utilize the charts and visualizations you've become accustomed to. The automation rules, however, will shut off, so in order to make those visualizations functional and up to date, you'll need to write your own automation rules.

Will the schema and visualizations set up by Board Metrics prevent us from creating our own schemas down the road?

No, the schema and visualizations created by Board just act as a layer on top of your SFDC data and would not prevent you from creating your own workflows or schemas later on.

Can Board Metrics continue to support us even with a dedicated sales ops person or team?

Yes, the intent of Board Metrics is to fill the gap before you hire a dedicated Sales Ops person, and lighten their load when you do bring them on by automating certain aspects around reporting and analysis.