Board Metrics

Automating sales operations and aligning your entire team around metrics that you and the board care about, natively in Salesforce

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Understand your high level metrics at a glance

Understanding the health of a business takes coordination between Sales, Marketing, Support and Account Management.
We help make that easy.

Designed for Saas

Salesforce can be used to model any type of business, which can be overwhelming. Luckily, you are not alone.

We make it easy for your company to use best practices for a growing SaaS company and avoid the pitfalls that most companies make.

Alignment across the entire customer journey.

Board Metrics helps your teams accurately track the entire customer aquisition journey. We model your SaaS business accurately (both in terms of revenue and customer lifecycle stages) in Salesforce, letting you concentrate on generating insights and applying them to your GoToMarket funnel.

Get to the why faster.

By giving all teams a consistent data set to work from, we help you talk about why things are happening, not what is happening. Bringing all teams together on the same page enables them to find holes and fix them.

You aren't the first company to have data problems in your go to market funnel, so let us solve them for you so that you can concentrate on what your company does best.